Sunday, January 29, 2012


Jump. Oh you! Just jump.

By jumping you make a protest.
A rebellion against the inevitable force of

By lifting your body
You aspire something higher

Jump. And let me jump.

Jumping means pushing your feet against the surface
Jump is a kick against your weight and mass

Jump is a kick on the mother earth

The first kick in your life was against your mother’s womb
The first jump in your life was against your mother’s womb
Jumping means taking a birth

By jumping you reborn. So Jump. Just jump.
Oh you! Jump. Jump and get a life.
Jump and get a life what you got in nine months.

Your jump may not be (Horizontally speaking) as longest as Hanuman
Who jumped over the sea up to Lanka
Or like Neil Armstrong, (Vertically speaking) who jumped up to the moon

But still you can jump.

Have you heard the Rajanikant joke?
When Rajanikant Jumps he does not lift his body up
But pushes the earth down.
Actually the same all of us do.
That the meaning of jump is.

Oh my beloved ladies. Why are you so concern about the
Weight lose programs in the idiot box? Why don’t you jump?

Jump is the first exercise for everything.
Jump is the first step for all kind of dances.
Jump is the first step for all kind of enactments.

Jump to cheer
Jump to protest
Jump to draw attention
Jump to start up
Jump for relaxation

So jump
Jump when you are happy
Jump when you are sad
Jump when you are in a disgusted situation
Jump when you try to convince someone about something
Just jump

You look always good when you jump
You look beautiful when you jump
You look youthful when you jump
You look alive when you jump

Jump when you are helpless like anything
Jump when there is nothing left to do on your hand
Jump when you feel absolutely destitute

We are jumping around throughout the histories
Across the boundaries
Upon the battlefields

You are alive only when you are jumping